Task Scheduler

The task scheduler allows you to execute tasks on a given schedule. It makes use of UNIX cron.


All scripts executed this way are executed as root user - this may be dangerous. Together with Command Scripting this can be used for automating (re-)configuration.

set system task-scheduler task <task> interval <interval>

Specify the time interval when <task> should be executed. The interval is specified as number with one of the following suffixes:

  • none - Execution interval in minutes

  • m - Execution interval in minutes

  • h - Execution interval in hours

  • d - Execution interval in days


If suffix is omitted, minutes are implied.

set system task-scheduler task <task> crontab-spec <spec>

Set execution time in common cron time format. A cron <spec> of 30 */6 * * * would execute the <task> at minute 30 past every 6th hour.

set system task-scheduler task <task> executable path <path>

Specify absolute <path> to script which will be run when <task> is executed.

set system task-scheduler task <task> executable arguments <args>

Arguments which will be passed to the executable.