VyOS supports sFlow accounting for both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. The system acts as a flow exporter, and you are free to use it with any compatible collector.

sFlow is a technology that enables monitoring of network traffic by sending sampled packets to a collector device.

The sFlow accounting based on hsflowd https://sflow.net/


set system sflow agent-address <address>

Configure sFlow agent IPv4 or IPv6 address

set system sflow agent-interface <interface>

Configure agent IP address associated with this interface.

set system sflow drop-monitor-limit <limit>

Dropped packets reported on DROPMON Netlink channel by Linux kernel are exported via the standard sFlow v5 extension for reporting dropped packets

set system sflow interface <interface>

Configure and enable collection of flow information for the interface identified by <interface>.

You can configure multiple interfaces which whould participate in sflow accounting.

set system sflow polling <sec>

Configure schedule counter-polling in seconds (default: 30)

set system sflow sampling-rate <rate>

Use this command to configure the sampling rate for sFlow accounting (default: 1000)

set system sflow server <address> port <port>

Configure address of sFlow collector. sFlow server at <address> can be both listening on an IPv4 or IPv6 address.


set system sflow agent-address ''
set system sflow agent-interface 'eth0'
set system sflow drop-monitor-limit '50'
set system sflow interface 'eth0'
set system sflow interface 'eth1'
set system sflow polling '30'
set system sflow sampling-rate '1000'
set system sflow server port '6343'
set system sflow server port '6343'