VyOS uses [FRRouting]( as the control plane for dynamic and static routing. The routing daemon behavior can be adjusted during runtime, but require either a restart of the routing daemon, or a reboot of the system.

set system frr bmp

Enable BMP support

set system frr descriptors <numer>

This allows the operator to control the number of open file descriptors each daemon is allowed to start with. If the operator plans to run bgp with several thousands of peers then this is where we would modify FRR to allow this to happen.

set system frr irdp

Enable ICMP Router Discovery Protocol support

set system frr snmp <daemon>

Enable SNMP support for an individual routing daemon.

Supported daemons:

  • bgpd

  • isisd

  • ldpd

  • ospf6d

  • ospfd

  • ripd

  • zebra