System DNS


If you are configuring a VRF for management purposes, there is currently no way to force system DNS traffic via a specific VRF.

This section describes configuring DNS on the system, namely:

  • DNS name servers

  • Domain search order

DNS name servers

set system name-server <address>

Use this command to specify a DNS server for the system to be used for DNS lookups. More than one DNS server can be added, configuring one at a time. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported.


In this example, some OpenNIC servers are used, two IPv4 addresses and two IPv6 addresses:

set system name-server
set system name-server
set system name-server 2a01:4f8:161:3441::1
set system name-server 2a00:f826:8:2::195

Domain search order

In order for the system to use and complete unqualified host names, a list can be defined which will be used for domain searches.

set system domain-search <domain>

Use this command to define domains, one at a time, so that the system uses them to complete unqualified host names. Maximum: 6 entries.


Domain names can include letters, numbers, hyphens and periods with a maximum length of 253 characters.


The system is configured to attempt domain completion in the following order: (first), (second) and (last):

set system domain-search
set system domain-search
set system domain-search