The VyOS CLI comprises an operational and a configuration mode.

Operational Mode

Operational mode allows for commands to perform operational system tasks and view system and service status, while configuration mode allows for the modification of system configuration. The list of all operational level commands is available at Operational Level Command List.

The CLI provides a built-in help system. In the CLI the ? key may be used to display available commands. The TAB key can be used to auto-complete commands and will present the help system upon a conflict or unknown value.

For example typing sh followed by the TAB key will complete to show. Pressing TAB a second time will display the possible sub-commands of the show command.

vyos@vyos:~$ s[tab]
set   show

Example showing possible show commands:

vyos@vyos:~$ show [tab]
Possible completions:
  arp           Show Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) information
  bridge        Show bridging information
  cluster       Show clustering information
  configuration Show running configuration
  conntrack     Show conntrack entries in the conntrack table
                Show connection syncing information
  date          Show system date and time
  dhcp          Show Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) information
  dhcpv6        Show status related to DHCPv6
  disk          Show status of disk device
  dns           Show Domain Name Server (DNS) information
  file          Show files for a particular image
  firewall      Show firewall information
                Show flow accounting statistics
  hardware      Show system hardware details
  history       show command history
  host          Show host information
  incoming      Show ethernet input-policy information
: q

You can scroll up with the keys [Shift]+[PageUp] and scroll down with [Shift]+[PageDown].

When the output of a command results in more lines than can be displayed on the terminal screen the output is paginated as indicated by a : prompt.

When viewing in page mode the following commands are available:
  • q key can be used to cancel output
  • space will scroll down one page
  • b will scroll back one page
  • return will scroll down one line
  • up-arrow and down-arrow will scroll up or down one line at a time respectively
  • left-arrow and right-arrow can be used to scroll left or right in the event that the output has lines which exceed the terminal size.

Configuration Mode

The list of all operational level commands is available at Configuration Level Command List.

To enter configuration mode use the configure command:

vyos@vyos:~$ configure


Prompt changes from $ to #. To exit configuration mode, type exit.

vyos@vyos:~# exit

See the configuration section of this document for more information on configuration mode.