Boot Options


This function may be highly disruptive. It may cause major service interruption, so make sure you really need it and verify your input carefully.

VyOS has several kernel command line options to modify the normal boot process. To add an option, select the desired image in GRUB menu at load time, press e, edit the first line, and press Ctrl-x to boot when ready.


Specify custom config file

Tells the system to use specified file instead of /config/config.boot. If specified file does not exist or is not readable, fall back to default config. No additional verification is performed, so make sure you specify a valid config file.


To load the factory default config, use:


Disable specific boot process steps

These options disable some boot steps. Make sure you understand the boot process well before using them!


Do not perform config migration.


Do not initialize default firewall chains, renders any firewall configuration unusable.