Issues/Feature requests

Bug Report/Issue

Issues or bugs are found in any software project. VyOS is not an exception.

All issues should be reported to the developers. This lets the developers know what is not working properly. Without this sort of feedback every developer will believe that everything is working correctly.

I have found a bug, what should I do?

When you believe you have found a bug, it is always a good idea to verify the issue prior to opening a bug request.

  • Consult the documentation to ensure that you have configured your system correctly

  • Get community support via Slack or our Forum

Ensure the problem is reproducible

When you are able to verify that it is actually a bug, spend some time to document how to reproduce the issue. This documentation can be invaluable.

When you wish to have a developer fix a bug that you found, helping them reproduce the issue is beneficial to everyone. Be sure to include information about the hardware you are using, commands that you were running, any other activities that you may have been doing at the time. This additional information can be very useful.

  • What were you attempting to achieve?

  • What was the configuration prior to the change?

  • What commands did you use? Use e.g. run show configuration commands

Include output

The output you get when you find a bug can provide lots of information. If you get an error message on the screen, copy it exactly. Having the exact message can provide detail that the developers can use. Like wise if you have any log messages that also are from the time of the issue, include those. They may also contain information that is helpful for the development team.

Report a Bug

In order to open up a bug-report/feature request you need to create yourself an account on VyOS Phabricator. On the left side of the specific project (VyOS 1.2 or VyOS 1.3) you will find quick-links for opening a bug-report/feature request.

  • Provide as much information as you can

  • Which version of VyOS are you using? run show version

  • How can we reproduce this Bug?

Feature Request

You have an idea of how to make VyOS better or you are in need of a specific feature which all users of VyOS would benefit from? To send a feature request please search Phabricator if there is already a request pending. You can enhance it or if you don’t find one, create a new one by use the quick link in the left side under the specific project.