VyOS User Guide

Get / Build VyOS

Quickly Build your own Image or take a look at how to download a free or supported version.

Install VyOS

Read about how to install VyOS on Bare Metal or in a Virtual Environment and how to use an image with the usual cloud providers

Configuration and Operation

Use the Quickstart Guide, to have a fast overview. Or go deeper and set up advanced routing, VRFs, or VPNs for example.


Integrate VyOS in your automation Workflow with Ansible, have your own local scripts, or configure VyOS with the HTTPS-API.


Get some inspiration from the Configuration Blueprints to build your infrastructure.

Contribute and Community
There are many ways to contribute to the project.
Add missing parts or improve the Documentation.
Discuss in Slack or the Forum.
Or you can pick up a Task and fix the code.