1.2.2 is a maintenance release made in July 2019.

New features

  • Options for per-interface MSS clamping.

  • BGP extended next-hop capability

  • Relaxed BGP multipath option

  • Internal and external options for “remote-as” (accept any AS as long as it’s the same to this router or different, respectively)

  • “Unnumbered” (interface-based) BGP peers

  • BGP no-prepend option

  • Additive BGP community option

  • OSPFv3 network type option

  • Custom arguments for VRRP scripts

  • A script for querying values from config files

Resolved issues

  • Linux kernel 4.19.54, including a fix for the TCP SACK vulnerability

  • T1371 VRRP health-check scripts now can use arguments

  • T1497 DNS server addresses coming from a DHCP server are now correctly propagated to resolv.conf

  • T1469 Domain-specific name servers in DNS forwarding are now used for recursive queries

  • T1433 run show dhcpv6 server leases now display leases correctly

  • T1461 Deleting firewall options node no longer causes errors

  • T1458 Correct hostname is sent to remote syslog again

  • T1438 Board serial number from DMI is correctly displayed in show version

  • T1358, T1355, T1294 Multiple corrections in remote syslog config

  • T1255 Fixed missing newline in /etc/hosts

  • T1174 system domain-name is correctly included in /etc/resolv.conf

  • T1465 Fixed priority inversion in interfaces vti vtiX ip settings

  • T1446 Fixed errors when installing with RAID1 on UEFI machines

  • T1387 Fixed an error on disabling an interfaces that has no address

  • T1367 Fixed deleting VLAN interface with non-default MTU

  • T1505 vyos.config return_effective_values() function now correctly returns a list rather than a string