Running on Proxmox

Proxmox is an open-source platform for virtualization. Users with a support subscription can download a qcow2 image that can be imported into Proxmox.

Deploy VyOS from CLI

Copy the qcow2 image to a temporary directory on the Proxmox server.

The commands below assume that virtual machine ID 200 is unused and that the user wants the disk stored in a storage pool called local-lvm.

$ qm create 200 --name vyos2 --memory 2048 --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0
$ qm importdisk 200 vyos-1.2.8-proxmox-2G.qcow2 local-lvm
$ qm set 200 --virtio0 local-lvm:vm-200-disk-0
$ qm set 200 --boot order=virtio0

Optionally, the user can attach a CDROM with an ISO as a cloud-init data source. The below command assumes the ISO has been uploaded to the local storage pool with the name seed.iso.

$ qm set 101 --ide2 media=cdrom,file=local:iso/seed.iso

Start the virtual machine in the proxmox GUI or CLI using qm start 200.

Visit for more information about the download and installation of this hypervisor.