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PBR allowing traffic to be assigned to different routing tables. Traffic can be matched using standard 5-tuple matching (source address, destination address, protocol, source port, destination port).

Transparent Proxy

The following example will show how VyOS can be used to redirect web traffic to an external transparent proxy:

set policy route FILTER-WEB rule 1000 destination port 80
set policy route FILTER-WEB rule 1000 protocol tcp
set policy route FILTER-WEB rule 1000 set table 100

This creates a route policy called FILTER-WEB with one rule to set the routing table for matching traffic (TCP port 80) to table ID 100 instead of the default routing table.

To create routing table 100 and add a new default gateway to be used by traffic matching our route policy:

set protocols static table 100 route next-hop

This can be confirmed using the show ip route table 100 operational command.

Finally, to apply the policy route to ingress traffic on our LAN interface, we use:

set interfaces ethernet eth1 policy route FILTER-WEB