WirelessModem (WWAN)


The wirelessmodem interface provides access (through a wireless modem/wwan) to wireless networks provided by various cellular providers. VyOS uses the interfaces wirelessmodem subsystem for configuration.


set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> apn <apn>

Every WWAN connection requires an APN which is used by the client to dial into the ISPs network. This is a mandatory parameter. See the following list of well-known APNs:

  • AT&T (isp.cingular)
  • Deutsche Telekom (internet.t-d1.de or internet.telekom)
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> backup distance <metric>
Configure metric of the default route added via the Wireless Modem interface. The default metric if not specified is 10.
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> device <tty>
Device identifier of the underlaying physical interface. This is usually a ttyUSB device, if not configured this defaults to ttyUSB2.
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> no-peer-dns
Do not install DNS nameservers received from ISP into system wide nameserver list.
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> ondemand

Enables or disables on-demand WWAN connection.

Use this command to instruct the system to establish a PPP connection automatically once traffic passes through the interface. A disabled on-demand connection is established at boot time and remains up. If the link fails for any reason, the link is brought back up immediately.