WirelessModem (WWAN)


The wirelessmodem interface provides access (through a wireless modem/wwan) to wireless networks provided by various cellular providers. VyOS uses the interfaces wirelessmodem subsystem for configuration.


set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> apn <apn>
Every WWAN connection requires an APN which is used by the client to dial into the ISPs network. This is a mandatory parameter. Contact your Service Provider for correct APN.
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> backup distance <metric>
Configure metric of the default route added via the Wireless Modem interface. The default metric if not specified is 10.
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> device <tty>
Device identifier of the underlaying physical interface. This is usually a ttyUSB device, if not configured this defaults to ttyUSB2.
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> no-peer-dns
Do not install DNS nameservers received from ISP into system wide nameserver list.
set interfaces wirelessmodem <interface> connect-on-demand

When set the interface is enabled for “dial-on-demand”.

Use this command to instruct the system to establish a PPP connection automatically once traffic passes through the interface. A disabled on-demand connection is established at boot time and remains up. If the link fails for any reason, the link is brought back up immediately.

Supported Modules

The following hardware modules have been tested successfully in an PC Engines APU4 board:

  • Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7304 miniPCIe card (LTE)
  • Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7430 miniPCIe card (LTE)
  • Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7455 miniPCIe card (LTE)
  • Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7710 miniPCIe card (LTE)
  • Huawei ME909u-521 miniPCIe card (LTE)