Running on Clouds

Amazon AWS

Deploy VM

Deploy VyOS on Amazon AWS

  1. Click to Instances and Launch Instance
  1. On the marketplace search “VyOS”
  1. Choose the instance type. Minimum recommendation start from m3.medium
  1. Configure instance for your requirements. Select number of instances / network / subnet
  1. Additional storage. You can remove additional storage /dev/sdb. First root device will be /dev/xvda. You can skeep this step.
  1. Configure Security Group. It’s recommended that you configure ssh access only from certain address sources. Or permit any (by default).
  1. Select SSH key pair and click Launch Instances
  1. Find out your public IP address.
  1. Connect to the instance by SSH key.
ssh -i ~/.ssh/amazon.pem vyos@


Deploy VM

Deploy VyOS on Azure.

  1. Go to the Azure services and Click to Add new Virtual machine
  2. Choose vm name, resource group, region and click Browse all public and private images
  1. On the marketplace search VyOS
  1. Generate new SSH key pair or use existing.
  1. Define network, subnet, Public IP. Or it will be created by default.
  1. Click Review + create. After fiew second your deployment will be complete
  1. Click to your new vm and find out your Public IP address.
  1. Connect to the instance by SSH key.
ssh -i ~/.ssh/vyos_azure vyos@

Add interface

If instance was deployed with one eth0 WAN interface and want to add new one. To add new interface an example eth1 LAN you need shutdown the instance. Attach the interface in the Azure portal and then start the instance.


Azure does not allow you attach interface when the instance in the Running state.

Google Cloud Platform

Deploy VM

To deploy VyOS on GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

  1. Generate SSH key pair type ssh-rsa from the host that will connect to VyOS.


ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/vyos_gcp -C "vyos@mypc"


In name “vyos@mypc” The first value must be “vyos”. Because default user is vyos and google api uses this option.

  1. Open GCP console and navigate to the menu Metadata. Choose SSH Keys and click edit.

Click Add item and paste your public ssh key. Click Save.

  1. On marketplace search “VyOS”
  2. Change Deployment name/Zone/Machine type and click Deploy
  1. After fiew seconds click to instance
  1. Find out your external IP address
  1. Connect to the instance. SSH key was generated in the first step.
ssh -i ~/.ssh/vyos_gcp vyos@