Interfaces in VyOS can be bridged together to provide software switching of Layer-2 traffic.

A bridge is created when a bridge interface is defined. In the example below we create a bridge named br100 with eth1 and eth2 as the bridge member ports.

set interfaces bridge 'br100'
set interfaces bridge br100 member interface eth1
set interfaces bridge br100 member interface eth2

Each bridge member can be assiged a port cost and priority using the following commands:

set interfaces bridge br100 member interface eth1 cost 10
set interfaces bridge br100 member interface eth1 priority 1024

Interfaces assigned to a bridge do not have address configuration. An IP address can be assigned to the bridge interface itself, however, like any normal interface.

set interfaces bridge br100 address ''
set interfaces bridge br100 address '2001:db8:100::1/64'

Example Result:

bridge br100 {
    address 2001:db8:100::1/64
    member {
        interface eth1 {
            cost 10
            priority 1024
        interface eth2 {


In addition to normal IP interface configuration, bridge interfaces support Spanning-Tree Protocol. STP is disabled by default.


Please use caution when introducing spanning-tree protocol on a network as it may result in topology changes.

To enable spanning-tree use the set interfaces bridge <name> stp command:

set interfaces bridge br100 stp

STP priority, forwarding-delay, hello-time, and max-age can be configured for the bridge. The MAC aging time can also be configured using the aging directive.

The show bridge operational command can be used to display configured bridges:

[email protected]:~$ show bridge
bridge name     bridge id               STP enabled     interfaces
br100           0000.000c29443b19       yes             eth1.100

If spanning-tree is enabled, the show bridge <name> spanning-tree command can be used to show STP configuration:

[email protected]:~$ show bridge br100 spanning-tree
 bridge id              0000.000c29443b19
 designated root        0000.000c29443b19
 root port                 0                    path cost                  0
 max age                  20.00                 bridge max age            20.00
 hello time                2.00                 bridge hello time          2.00
 forward delay            15.00                 bridge forward delay      15.00
 ageing time             300.00
 hello timer               0.47                 tcn timer                  0.00
 topology change timer     0.00                 gc timer                  64.63

eth1.100 (1)
 port id                8001                    state                forwarding
 designated root        0000.000c29443b19       path cost                  4
 designated bridge      0000.000c29443b19       message age timer          0.00
 designated port        8001                    forward delay timer        0.00
 designated cost           0                    hold timer                 0.00

The MAC address-table for a bridge can be displayed using the show bridge <name> macs command:

[email protected]:~$ show bridge br100 macs
port no mac addr                is local?       ageing timer
  1     00:53:29:44:3b:19       yes                0.00